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i think

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this is really cool. i havent been to enough poetry performances to really know what's original and what's not or to have anything terribly interesting to contribute other than: this is really cool.

i did go to see a friend's play once and they had a band in a cage behind the stage that added sort of a soundtrack to the narrative play. i liked that.

i think that your "performance" here adds something to the piece. i think that i like it because you are helping the audience feel the piece in a way that simple word on a page cannot do. i would hesitate to say that it's better or worse than just lines on a page, because it's different. there would be different artistic expectations of something in this media than of something printed. i think it really works here and i really admire the creative process that goes into it; you probably learned more about your poem just by thinking of how the characters could behave from an emotional standpoint. maybe you did. i'm just guessing.

really cool.