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i like it

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creative way to present the poem..
i really like this poem also. very nice.

and i have seen poems shown as something other than text.. like.. positioning of the letters played a crucial part corresponding to the vocabulary used and its significance at each point.. colors (warm/cold, bright/earthtoned, contrast/complimentary).. these all played parts in not only presenting the poem in a different manner but also helping the poem to be better understood. i'm working on these not only with html but at home with all of my little fun art supplies and whatnot.. fun and crayolas for all (jk). i even made some 3-d poems before. maybe the most fun i've ever had with poems was with magnetic poetry. you could draw pictures with those on your refrigerator (mine had subliminal messages telling everyone to buy my favorite food and to never touch my food..kidding again).

god i'm bad at replying to these.
i feel rough.

good work, fc.