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LR never dissed people for rhyming

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he referred to a website we used to go to which had, as he called it "weak hallmark poets", many of which rhyme

Clay and I have probably 5000 pages worth of exchanged spontaneous verse talking on IM and emails where we rhyme with each other...

he has always used rhyme in his work, however subtly

i work in many genres of poetry
i write sonnets and other structured verse and often play with rhyming simple silly humorous verse and also more serious verse, incorprating rhyme, but rhyme is not my only tool

my primary writing is free verse
always has been

i use internal rhyme a lot within my free verse

i'm happy to have influenced Clay's work, as he claims i have, just as he has influenced mine... i see us both growing

but if you think that Clay has "dised [sic] people who rhymed" then you must think he DISSES my work and your perception is wrong because he continually supports me in my work and when i read it to him aloud and he hears the rhyme, the metaphor, the flow, he acknowledges me, saying many compliments and accolades

i do not think his comments to me are empty

yes, we all support each ohter and "a sock could ask more penetrating questions then [sic] that" is one helluva slam

he is trying to open a discussion about how we, as artists, can support each other in our work

i applaud him for opening this discussion because i would like to see us all supporting each other in our work