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art as collaboration

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there are a lot of examples of great artists collaborating and inspiring one another. the multitude of beats, rimbaud and verlaine, plath and hughes, picasso and braque, dali and lorca, joyce and beckett, camus and sartre. come to think of it they amost all ended tragically; verlaine shot rimbaud who disappeared into africa, plath placed her head in a gas oven after leaving cookies and milk out for her kds, lorca was shot by the fascists whom dali supported and camus and sartre had a public fight whch ended with Camus threatening to kick his head in. maybe it's not always a good thing then.
i think the great thing about this site is that people can bounce ideas off each other (even if everyone seems always to be very nice and uncritical) when they live in places where they don't have such outlets or places for people with a lit interest. cyberspace could be the new Montmartre or Montparnasse or El Quatre Gats. or maybe it's just a place people go when they're bored.