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i know

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i read your post
i'm sorry to hear he died and i didn't know what to say
when you posted that but i read it and believe me,
it effected me personally because i have known

i have been dead
inside of myself
more times than
minutes have allowed.

death seems final
because it is. i have
lost more than a friend.
i have lost my faith.
it doesn't live.
it was never born.
it will never be reborn.
there is no evidence of
its existance other than the
very fact that Love can and
does exist.

other than that,
i give up .

i had a boss once who used to
abbreviate people

people were represented
as ppl

i've known others who treat each other
this way so i am proud to say i view humor
as resurrection.

if you can laugh with inflection,
naturally without injection
of anything other than Love
and breath, then external sources
are totally unnecessary.

death is a sad thing.
i'm sorry your friend died.
memoriesi disbelive
themselves sometimes

friends are internal.
no external sources
the true trip
to homeostesis.

Love is the
sanctuary, no
outside influences