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This place is an already flushed toilet

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this country has been hijacked

not high Jack Kerouac-ed

the "bEAT"...has been eaten by the worst angels

and the best angels have since flown to Abrahams

stovepipehat grave

there is no unity in abject oppression
the beatnik, the folk singer, the hippie
were merely the ephemeral shadow
of the last sparkle before the Shadow
of JFK's assassination haunted the amerikkkian
landscape of our last wild chance...

before the reality that it stood for hit
we have now sunk to the lowest ebb
that this planet has seen since Atlantis
sunk so low

is there a light in this world that still flames liberty?

perhaps in the ashes; perhaps in the smoldering
hearts of children that have some mysterious force
in them that even the 'Wackers" have not dreamed of

perhaps there is something yet in the human condition
that simply will not roll over and submit to the evil

perhaps this world will fade like a forth of july firecracker on the wind of Aushwitz gas that
lingers in the air to this day...

perhaps the imagination of spiritual revolution
is stronger then any of us mere mortals know

don't hold your breath!...breathe deep.......