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Stealing Music (Cry Me A Fucking River)

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I read a few days ago some threads about 'stealing music'. The whole MP3 debate. Here's a thought...

Apparently struggling artists such as Anthony Keidis and Lars Ulrich (who I KNOW owned a few ‘bootlegs’ when they were kids) and that whole poor lot have forgotten what made them popular to begin with:


Playing kick-ass shows with all their hearts until they bled. Giving oddly dressed, and otherwise lost teenagers an incredible vent that could never ever be captured in a studio or sold en masse in a store. Making teenage girls damp in the knickers and teenage boys air-guitar like morons. It was a reciprocal need and it thrived.

I believe this MP3 thing is a damn fine idea! Steal away! This way 'artists' will never grow lazy and take for granted their audience as they invariably do when success finally hits. Make them work for it again! What the hell did musicians do before recording technology came along, anyway? They TOURED. They WORKED. They EARNED YOUR RESPECT. They didn't expect it. The problem here (as always) is greed. I'm sick to death of whiny rock stars. You don't like it? Go dig a fucking ditch. Go flip 100 eggs in an hour. Cry me a river of caviar, you poor poor dears!

And don't come at me with all the struggling artist bullshit. We’re not talking about buskers, here. We’re not talking about buying a local artist’s demo, or print or sculpture. We’re talking about Rock Stars’ contract riders. We’re talking about 15 bottles of room temperature Evian. Not a loaf of day old bread and an artists empty stomach.

People want the easy fix. They want to be a rock star tomorrow (there are now TV shows that facilitate this) but as in anything, without the WORK and the SWEAT and the DRIVE and the NEED and the FUCKING LOVE (imagine sex without these 5 elements) it is shallow, empty and shouldn't even be worth stealing. If you’re in it for the money (Lars, Anthony et al) I truly hope you stop making it. I truly hope that MP3s are your downfall.

(and you can all quote me on this when I sell out and become a bigtime international poetry superstar)