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it's a hybrid, she said. a cross between
a kahlua and cream and a white russion.
it's got a splash in it. a splash of sipped
truth, maybe. i can't remember what i was
going to say before i said it, she said.
it's a hybrid. a cross between why not
and instead, the combining of growth;
both plants fused, fugued like a jazz plant,
amused with themselves, mused with branches,
but i had something much more important to say.
unfortunately, i can't remember what it was,
today but believe me, it was something
significant. i had one thought and wanted
to write it down but i couldn't for some reason,
so then i had another one and couldn't distinguish
the two, like when i look at you and think i see
myself because i do and then what happened
was sort of eerie, both thoughts came together
and they were bigger than they ever could have
been by themselves and i didn't understand them
but kept trying to figure them out and so what i
decided to do, in order to make order or art
out of them was to fuse them, muse them, move
them together like a hybrid and lie down
quietly with them to think about