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Kahlua and creeeeeeeeeeeem

Posted to Utterances

Hybrid clone hybrid clone hybrid clone
The kahlua drools over my eardrums like caramel
And caramel splashes very slowly like the universe
Flows by increments imperceptable and inching
Lubricated truths and remembered frictions
Mendel and his sweetpeas and santa gertrudis cows
High=bred with sopisticated genes
Designer chromosomes doped with intricacy and jazz
You were a barmaid in you last life and I was a knave
A bass player in the Pharoah’s band
A stickler for the beat and ten pounds of natrium
For my mummy wrapped and perpetually erect
You cross the sky like Ra and all the pyramids
Collapse under the weight of your passion.
The hybrid between cinnamon and nutmeg is
Some new spice
Some new spice
Our Life
Don’t be afraid.