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history played by ear

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pyramids are angular structures, secure
in base, largely placed in areas where
tourists visit.
that sounds important,
doesn't it? do you know what's more
important than that?

hybrid clones.
that's what. and claire de lune. yes,
and claire de lune, debussy's test of spirit.
do you hear it? do you hear it?

mosquitos and invisible fairies
mosquitos and invisible fairies
marrying oboe with flute?
it's a ballet
it's a ballet

let us awake to
chopin's waltz number seven
in c sharp minor and a polanaise
with a glaze on freshly picked and
prepared strawberries. very very ripe,
very very fresh, our mouths wandering
wonder cyclicly, pianisimo,
changing tempos with jazz lyric,
our voices worn and stripped
through, worn, warned, accepted,
then taken off, naked, music
played by ear

pyramids were here a time ago.
debussy can be pronounced a number
of ways. i would have loved to hear them
play together. chopin and debussy.

i'm mixing the spice.
i am not afraid.