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Rod made me drink
kahlua and vodka and cream
with cinammon on top,
a one a night ritual of late,
but last night he forced me
to drink 4 right after i worked
all day on final typesetting tweaking
of The Heart Has Many Signals
while i sipped martinis,
and he knew i'd had those martinis
but still he made me drink those white
frothy things because he wanted to
take advantage of me and in my dream
this morning, he was trying to bribe the plumber
with some hot watches
the plumber came to fix a broken pipe
in the dream we were living in this penthouse
sleek apartment on the 34th floor in an unknown
city and i was laughing so hard because he was
telling the plumber, "now i can't let you have this one
because this one belonged to my dear departed mother
and is not only sentimental to me but is worth a
pretty penny"
teehee hahahahaha
and so i woke up and after i did a little review
of the movie dream in my mind, i put my head
back on inside out to keep the thumping down
but it isn't working much
nope. yowch!

i like to watch football to look at all the different
costumes because they have such pretty colors
and i like when they all bend over and line up at
the beginning because it looks so orderly
and they look so big and mean and strong
and masculine and i like the huddle too but
the announcers voices make me cringe, they're
so loud

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