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you just want...

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... us all to go over there and read your stories

why don't you just say that?

"please come read my stories"

i'd go if you came right out and asked

i love it when people direct me to read something they are proud of

which particular stories of yours do you recommend?

(it is my contention that reading on the screen is not as easy for some as others, btw, which is why longer poetry doesn't get read enough... *grin... er, i mean, which is why MY poetry doesn't get read as much but then again it could be because i post it on the wrong board and it sucks and then i go and delete it because i hate it but this has nothing to do with you and i'm going to have to start following levi's advice and not post drivel that nobody gives a shit about... uh oh... my finger is navigating to my mouse.. uh oh.. i'm pushing post... DAMMIT... frigging internet has a hold on me, i'm outa control, i'm an addict... console me or something)