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where is it?

you probably post it in poetry or action poetry right?

you're welcome to read mine, too

you can find most of it in utterances


except the stuff i posted on action poetry and poetry which is also poetry when it's not an utterance or mindlessness because i'll tell you, you may be foolish, but i'm confused and i'm lost. i don't know where i am. i've been on the internet superhighway for 4 years or is it 5. i can't remember but the rules keep changing, i do know that and the speed limit signs keep getting moved around and they're constantly doing road construction and i can't find the fucking ramp to get off, the signage sucks and there are way too many traffic lights and delays, route numbers don't match the map which i never had because i lost it before anybody gave it to me since there is no cartographer for this big street and i must tell you, that you have me going around in circles because i really do WANT to read your stories and your poetry but i don't know where i am or where you are because you're clearly somewhere else, staring into a different screen somewhere, tapping out your songs and your short or long stories and verse and of course we all want to listen, we really do, otherwise we wouldn't be here, but wait, no, that's not why we're here... we're here because we want somebody to listen to us... i do anyway, i wish somebody would listen, i know i will eventually have something important to say, don't you? i mean, don't you know what you say is important and people should listen? i hope so because you've broken ground with the denial.... you are addicted to your own words, you can't stop writing them and now that you've discovered the internet superhighway, you can't get off either! ADMIT it! you can't find the frigging ramp and you don't want to... all you want is for someone to click on your posts and to KNOW you've been read and heard... believe me, i know all about this because that's all i want, too and i'm way past the denial of it.

you, on the other hand, are on the verge of a break through in your visibility and writing because you have broken ground by denying the obvious...


so, i guess i'll read yer stuff soon, ok? would ya like that?

btw, do you think when they put toll booths and highway patrolmen in this place it will dissuade people from cruising too fast? when they raised the price of cigarettes to $7 a pack it didn't stop people from smoking.

just a thought.