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it's true

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there may come a time when you won't be able to click without your credit card #

why?, you may ask

well, beats the hell outa me but i think it has something to do with $ and greed and stuff like that but you can also be followed in this manner.

when was the last time you got an email about purchasing software to help you know where your children are going on the net or where your wife has gone or your husband. do you have a husband? how often do you get email solicitations for penis enlargement? wait... don't answer that. I get them, too and i don't even have a penis.

frankly, i don't understand how anybody can follow anybody around on this damn media when people keep killing themselves off and reenlisting under a different name. i can't even find myself the next morning and i use the same name everywhere i go. why would they think someone by the name of doreen has a penis anyway?

i'm sic and tired of the whole thing (sick. er... sic). i've honestly had enough. i love litkicks and all but just trying to keep up with myself on the highway is ridiculously impossible. i can't wait until i get up and running. I'm gonna imbed some kinda applet in it so it makes money for me with some kinda script while i'm in jamaica getting very tan and sipping cocktails on the beach.

they dont have toll booths on the way to jamaica because i'm gonna fly. And not only that, i'm not bringing my computer. i'm going wireless.