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1. dont underestimate the value in targeting the partner of someone with a small penis in getting results fast!!!

2. i'm actually now getting Juck Instant Messages. yes, it's true. i must've stumbled ahem upon some sort of internet how you say "pornography" site or something, but they got my number and they knock knock away. it really annoyed me for a while, now i just let it go.

3. um. ... i'm not sure about a 3.

i'm relatively comfortable with my internet lack of privacy. i mean, i check my credit card statements and such, and since i'm using something that is extraordinarily convenient, it seems to me to be fair enough that advertisers have the same convenience afforded me. if i wanted them to use the old school techniques of targeting their market, i'd just go to the neighborhood commercial organizations and give them my zip code when i pay for my kid's car seat.

but you have a point. i still have made exactly NO money off the internet. this bothers me.