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please help freeze Josh Moore!!!

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There is something eerie and majestic about the Time 8mm depicting John Kennedy’s death. Sylvia Plath’s suicide and James Dean’s car crash bought shoved them into our cultural landscape. Would Mr. Kennedy be so fondly remembered if it wasn’t for that fateful morning in Dallas?

Kafka stated, "Man cannot live without a continuous confidence in something indestructible within himself." Is it that by celebrating these figures post-mortem we somehow hope to transcend our own death?

I looked at the Larsen cartoon. It was about Thag signing his bio. He had been frozen for 10,000 years.

Thag comes back from the dead. Thag is now famous.

My first thought was to write a windy treatise on why death is such a turn-on. Thag is just famous because he came back from the dead. Dead rock stars are famous because they go out in a decedent fashion. As Michael Huttence said "I'm elegantly wasted."

Imagine if John Lennon could come back from the dead. He would be bigger then Jesus.

I was going to be writing about archetypes and universal need to believe in something bigger then death. After a bit, I thought why talk so grandoise? Why not talk about something far easier then that?

And that's when I decided I'd write this essay on myself.

William Reid, of the Jesus and Mary Chain, once sang "I want to die like Jesus, I want to die like JFK." I want to die exactly the same. Not now, I have things to do.

The thing that could crown dying like a decadent poet is being 'unfrozen.' I think I'm intersting enough to be a delightful tempest for some future generation.

It all reminds of this Star Trek where they find several humans in cryongenics. They had be frozen centuries back. Dr. Crusher brings them back to life.

Wouldn't you want to party with those guys? None of them were really that especially intersting, but I'm sure that each one of them would have quite a bit to say.

Now your probably asking "what makes you so intersting?"
Well I could start off with the knowledge of karma, dharma and sutra, life story and voyages, penchat for causing social trouble, or thousands of other unimportant details.
What really makes me that intersting is that I am able and willing to scream songs that go "fuck you and your authority, my only friend is anarchy, that's putting delicately, when you wish upon a star..." wearing a prom dress, fronting a big loud racious punk band any day of the week.

I'm sure you've meet more then your fair share of booze and drug addicted mentally unstable twentythree year olds. But c'mon, how many front a punk band and wear dresses for a joke? I must confess I didn't wear a dress at reharsals this weekend, I just screamed and jumped around. The good news is the Salvation Army has a black prom dress with my name written all over it.

It's true, people usually can't stand the hard core life style that long. Jello Biafara is fond of saying "live fast, die young." And believe it or not, I'm going to talk about Thag.

Between the dope, the booze, the pills, the bipolar affecitive disorder, legal actions, acid flashbacks, riotous temperment, and general anarchy I figure I probably won't make till 28. Maybe I'll be famous by then.

You see, seeing Thag unfrozen gave me great hope. I'm obviously worthy of study for future generations, so what I'm hoping for is that I can frozen shortly after overdosing on heroin on 28th birthday. That way I can be unfrozen, given some Narcan and start a new era of art and anarchy. If I overdose, I will be dead, so it's legal.

So as of today, I am starting the Josh Moore, legal defense and cryogenics foundation. This is all worth the hope that I can be unfrozen someday and share my wisdom with countless others. If you'd like to make a contribution please contact me after class or email me at