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i once sent Robert a poem

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he wrote back to me and said my poem was

excelent, or some such, at any rate

it was so cool to me that he aswered

and i felt his vibe; that upon finishing 'Cosmic Triger'

i just had to find out myself what he was talking

about; when he was talking to Grady MacMurtry

and Grady said something like: "there is war in heaven"

and he explained that there seems to be some kind of

principle; that as we move closer to this 'thing' things

seem to happen, sorta along the lives of the adversary principle

so anyway i moved to Berkeley and became involved

with the OTO of which Grady was the 'caliph' head of

at the time....Is Robert still in Ireland?...good for him!

i wonder what he thinks of the dark end of the tunnel
we seem to be passing through now?