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FREEZE JOSH MOORE, bleed jim bleed.

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You think that my form of anarchy could have a better heyday some other time? I figured is that I could raise hell on an international scale ala Johhny Rotten, you know I live for the moment, so sucess doesn't really all that much!!

What's great about narcotics is that you can overdose and die and be revived pretty easy. Just takes a dose of narcan and maybe some electric shocks to your heart. I wouldn't mean being frozen now, but I feel that I have alot more shooting up to do and whacking off in public before I will have enough to share with the next generation of Americans.

Here's how it goes "fuck you and your authority, i have an identity it is anarchy they say my deliquency is increasing with great frequency...when you wish upon a star no one just knows where you are so very very very far above, when you wish upon a star no one knows just who you are so very very very far above...i'm going to leave this country after i destroy everthing, at least appreciate my honesty i'm not the one with my finger on a nuke speaking about fraternity you all want a piece of me but fuck you and your authority i am anarchy...when you wish upon a star..."

Besides we want to keep this legal guys. You can tell I really dig the law. You see the law says you have to be dead before you can be frozen.

That's why I have to be dead first. I figure if even make a little bit like playing out on a farm and recording it on four tracks or wild shows at 28 I could have a really great comeback. If you didn't make it far, its easier to catch up to where you lost the track right?

Brother if you can spare a dime email me at as you can tell this mission to paramount to human survival.


The US Dept of Justice doesn't return phone calls.