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not all babes can hit home runs

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not all babes can hit home runs
every time they take the pitch.
the stage can be set for confidence.
some people miss music,
paying attention to a different
genre. some people could miss
god if he stood directly in front
of them. what's valid is perception.
to look through the eyes of another,
twice the size and volume of wonder -
that, my friend, is intelligent.

success can be digested
with five minute reviews.

sometimes someone steps through
and says, "your time at the mic
is done, your time up here
is clearly over. take a bow."

standing ovation
applause from crowded rooms
where recreational usage moons
the possibility of painting on the floor,
slapping down color.

some have deep pockets and open legs
some have commercial agencies working
on their behalf. some can laugh about validity.
some know the mark of a pen on a page
and have thoughts frequently based
in initiating intelligence or commerce.

it could be worse, i guess.
less is more, some say.
and others have been known to verbalize
the wise admonition that more is less.

but i beg to differ.
more is more. especially
when imploring
or initiating a conversation.