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feeling like a dummy part deux

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let's define valid as: commercially valid art. this is something that i think most of us, while we may or may not be seeking it on different levels, would probably enjoy: art that is commercially viable.

do you think that it is: harder or easier to create commercially valid art nowadays? you can define nowadays however you'd like.

i like to define it in terms of the evil media's influence. i feel that it is both harder and easier to create commercially valid art, but that it is more difficult to create unique art. i feel that going for "last year's big hit" this year has transcended movies and has now infiltrated at least the publishing world. change in art (commercially viable art), to me, is going to happen more slowly now that the media needs to find a way to categorize everything so that they can talk about it.

this is a result of an increasingly unthinking media business which thrives on news tickers and corner graphics. everything needs to be defined, categorized...there is no more analysis; everything is looked at in direct relationship to whatever sold the media outlet more advertising the last time it was broadcast or distributed.

was this coherent? probably not. but, food for thought? maybe...