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Target your audience

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The reason I say that is, you have people who would never buy a certain thing, but love to buy other things. Whatever you least expect. Like, I know a woman who owns no CD's at all. She buys those damn plates, whatever they are, with pictures on them, they are supposed to be collector's items. What are they called? The Franklin Mint or something? Some of the artwork on these plates are pretty good, but some of them just look silly to me. I wouldn't buy one of those in a million years. But people buy them. You see people buy those little refrigerator magnets. Let me tell you, once in a while, you'll find little fridge magnets that are really damn good! You know, like well done little replicas of stuff, which, if I met the designer, I would say, "That's really good art." But I don't buy them. Now, our friend Cecil puts out some good art, which I would consider buying. It's more my cup of tea, meaning, sort of trippy.