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these voices should be heard.

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i'm pretty sure he was joking...

this is not about cheating the system, it's about working within the system so that artists can actually earn a living doing what they love to do... it's about passion

we work hard. we all work hard. the writing isn't easy work. it's gut wrenching... there is a purpose to what we do and it's bigger than just hanging out at litkicks... it's about the value of our words

we have something to say.
there are many fine writers here at litkicks who should be read by more people. They have a voice. a strong voice.

these voices should be heard. I am hoping to see more poetry performances and more networking and more support of each other....

for all those who have chapbooks out, i want to buy them all but i'm frigging broke. we need to support each other in bigger ways

more people should get websites up... we should link to each other... we should direct our friends and family to the sites... we need to work on making each other more visible