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...a tribute to ken kesey when he died and a lady who publishes a small literary magazine in upstate NY saw it and contacted me and asked to publish it... she had an interview with robert creely in that edition

i tell you what's interesting is that some software for bulletin boards where i have posted on the net shows how many times the topic was hit in addition to the replies.... i had a poem with 9 replies and 250 hits on one site and this is not unusual... there are many more people who lurk and read than who post, i can assure you

but posting under your real name or your chosen pen name for print media is a good idea also to protect your work.

as levi said in his terms of service, it is risky to post your work anywhere on the internet.... i'm saying you can lessen that risk by putting your name on your work.... you can help protect your ownership of your own work that way plus you are exposing the name you want to be known for

as far as printing 2000 anthologies, LR and i are having a hard time trying to find enough $ to print 10 books at a time.