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these are good points

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and actually the stories that i've posted here are all posted on my website under my name. except for the last one. damn.

as far as being serious, i'm damn serious about it. i am sending out query letters this week to agents. i did it in the past but it was halfhearted. i just feel so all alone (sniff, yeah) with this thing. i've only had a few comments on my novel (from friends, but 1 is a writer and 1 i trust ... the others i took lightly), and i no NOBODY in the publishing industry. i feel like this is a great place to get feedback on my writing and, more importantly, just practice my craft and keep me in a writin' frame of mind. that's why i love it here. i was just wondering if there was something more we could do.

i wasn't thinking anthology as much as just a paperback journal, even something like zoetrope puts out (tabloid format).