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anyone ever tried this?

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i know it'll probably sound kind of corny on this site, but i figure there's plenty of open minded cats on here that could appreciate it, so...let's see if i can explain this now:

i've recited poetry a few times at open mic nights around the midwest and once here in arizona, but this is so much more fun; maybe more intimate, i guess. i mean, there's not that pressure of snobby strangers or anal academics in the crowd, you know? anyway, a few of my friends and i got real shitfaced one night and got the idea that i could spin beats while they tried to recite their freeverse over them. that was interesting, especially when they started reading some of their more personal stuff. and when their source of rhythm seemingly switched from the music or their words to their liver...then we started just opening our mouths and letting shit fly, like freestyle rapping, and, pretty soon we decided to let other people do this too if they wanted to, and now it's like a weekly thing; we got this little core of people that sit around and fill an empty bedroom on an unknown street here in the city with stupid spontaneity and laughter. and it's cool that lots of other people can share the same feelings, express themselves completely differently, yet still give off a chill vibe. i don't know if i explained it to the best of my abilities, and i know there's a couple of industries built on what we're fucking around with, but i love it and thought i'd share. peace.