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sorry to everyone for starting a new thread, but the other one was getting too far right.

i'm afraid i wont be of much help. yesterday i picked up the 2003 agents list reference book ... that's all i'm going with so far. i am going to attend an alumni gathering next week where i'm going with a friend but the only reason i'm paying 17 bucks for wings and 2 beers is on the offchance that someone knows an editor or an agent.

last nite i went thru and made an a-list of agents that i think might fit me. there were 4 or 5, and then a bunch on the b-list. i narrowed it down to agents in the nyc area who are accepting new writers, and then agents who were actively seeking new writers, and ones that were looking for "literary/mainstream" fiction.

my only writer friend is a screenwriter. he has no contacts for me but he's a great source of feedback, as he reads voraciously. i'm glad we had this conversation today.