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haha i wish any of us were good enough to take it on the road. it's just a valve; a release i guess. i'd love to do it for a living, though, if i could. as far as performing in front of other people...i completely understand. i used to have to be in an alcoholicweed haze reading at coffee houses or vacant lecture halls on campus, and you see all those OTHER PEOPLE...the ones you don't know, that is...making it more difficult (or making you more self conscious), especially when there's a whole store or seats full of strangers. i used to shake real bad, too, the first few times i spun at actual venues (i kept making needles jump when cueing up)but this little room is in our house and it's just a small group of people. the intimacy is what makes it special to me, i think. being able to be serious or goofy or just trashed and not being judged. after so long, you STILL can't fully anticipate what's going to come out of people's mouths. and there's so many different ways to approach it...and, while i'm thinking about it, where else is a speech impediment or a stutter almost necessary? not only that, but appreciated, as well! but, as you can tell, it does begin to take over your personality if you talk about it too much. you start thinking of rhymes and reciting them to yourself when you walk down the street or in the middle of class. i've caught myself talking out loud in banks and record stores's bad. but in a fun way...