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i wanna see!

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wow! that sounds really really dreamy, and like you had a lot of fun creating it. i wish i could see/hear it. i'd love to be able to do stuff like that, too, but i'm afraid my visual art skills are so crude, i'd have to make a little flipbook of stick figures for what would be considered high tech animation for me. on a semirelated tangent, that's kind of what i like about art in general; the release it gives you almost brings you back to that pure place you remember as a kid, you know? that place where you used to ruin your clothes and have your moms yell at you for supper but you couldn't hear her because you were too busy getting dirty in a sandbox down the block with your friends who were also late for dinner...porchlights on, white picket fences firmly in place. that's why we do it, right?