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ok a little witchy bitchy twitchy

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chicka boom chicka boom
a little yaya yaya yaya
chick chicka yaya
witchy bitchy twitchy
witchy bitchy twitchy
she she hehe haha
all your beats retro metro righto riiiiiiiit!
chicka beat this beat that beatnik nik nik
fug me up fug me down; fug me all ova dis hea town
gotcha chicka licka gotcha chicka lacka lacka lacka
polly wanna a cracka; witchy witchy chitty chitty bang
banga; jack jack ma paddy wacka wacka jacka jac

funky praxis transmutatis: ain't gonna make bombs no mo; no mo. ho ho; hi diddle diddle the cat in the middle
gotcha ya cool cats in the funky beaknik alleys
rabbits out to make it rich; runnin in the ditch; bitch
witch which; walk right in daddy let yo mind roll on
everybody talkin bout a new way of walkin
daddy let yo hair hang down; down down


on the ground; hey man!...what TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME is IT?
when dem stained saints come marchin in
playin dat ole ruby my dear come on ova here
gonna be in dat ole numba; doin the hoodoo rumba
got ma mojo woikin; got ma huchie choohie jama lama
nik nik nik nack give the dog a bone; madge is on the phone...tiiiiime to DIE!....runnin dem blades runnin them chamber maids; must beeeee the season of
the WITCH; beatniks; beatnacks; psychedelic suga shacks shacks shacks on they backs
hey; ungowa girl we got the powa
hey ungowa girl we got the powa
chicka chicka yaya gyp jag rag bag hag bard She that
must be obayed!!

would ya lika swing on a star star
carry moon beams in a jarjar
drive by in a stone age carcar
i'll buy you a suga cube i wanno no suga cude
or would you like to be a dud
read elmer fud; read bugs bunny the revolutionary
read Rimbaud and have your own season in hell
would you like to be a Bukowski and have the devil
in yr eye; toss down blue whiskey from a mason jar
hehe har har; try some of my tangerine
wouldn't you like sombody to love
you better find someboby to love

who by water who by fire
come on baby light my smokestack lightnin
cuz the they gots da fire down below
ho ho; hava tampa have nigila
whistle while you work
hmmm hmmm hmmm is a jerk
hitler is a punk; shrubya daddy was a supporter bunk
now we in da deep doo doo in need of an angry fix
pick up sticks; pick up jacks an stars
cops in bars; never saw a woman sooooo alone

if i had a hammer i would hammer out a warning
id hammer out a hammer of the gods
id hammer out a new philosphy in the mornin
i'll come follow you; mr. tambourine man
in da jungangle morn; i go down to the liquor store
on the cona; and get my sef a tokay torpedo
and wonder down to the ole bridge
and sit there and plan the ReVoLuTiON
till the purple cows come home bom bom bom

yellow is the color of my true loves hair in the mornin
when i rise....

"Bringin it all back home"

What it is...what IT is...what it IS...oh YEAH!