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never studied, i'm a dummy

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i remember falling in love with
ferlinghetti's 'coney island of the mind'
when i was 17

i read some corso
liked it a lot,
the poem called 'marriage'
especially struck me

tried to read ginsburg,
i dig the america poem
but when the topic is sex
with young boys, i draw the line.
not interested in reading that crap.
i choose not to read him

i tried to read burroughs,
junkie, naked lunch, queer,
but again, the topic of sex with young boys
makes me cringe and i find the repetitious
theme of substance abuse boring,
at best

i like anne sexton a lot,
and sylvia plath...
very fine poets

other than that, i'm essentially beat
illiterate.... this is basically all i have read
from the era

continually on another board i used to frequent
on the net, people who replied to my poetry
mentioned they thought i had a beat style

all i know is i write from my heart
whatever style it is, comes from me
and nowhere else

oh and i also read some carlos casteneda
years ago and enjoyed those books
but i couldn't tell you which ones i read
because i don't remember... it was quite
a while back