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what, me worry?

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and so they sat, republican and democrat,
half rising from seats, camera angles complete
with status quo, the show so oh so displayed
on display, direction and author, the tools,
marketing arabesque and petite suite of reveries,
the king proclaiming giant board gain, chess, the game,
examinations of supposed truth rooted out by aisles,
single filed, half air shot by standing ovation, one side
clamping down with frozen arms embracing themselves
with the charms of snakes.
and then there were the takes
of producers, forcing minorities
to come forward, and the absurd
descriptions of the state
of a union without a mate.

nobody would want to join this.
this is an all out marketing war
and america has the madison
avenue men writing,

clarence darrow couldn't compete
and neither could the prosecuter
trying to kill a mockingbird because
how do you expect to get the bad guy
outa the tree especially if
it's you hanging on branches
of advertised truth.

it sucks to be stuck up there like that.
alfred e. knew, man,
the plan of attack was a cartoon.
what? me worry?
what? me worry?