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Someone mentioned that there are more posters in Stories than readers, and he lamented about that. And I agree, that is something sad about that. We all post here for feedback, or an audience, and it's difficult when everyone is speaking, but nobody is listening.

So I've created this psuedonym (to cover for my other psuedonym) and I'm set to read and review three to five stories a day, focusing on PC stories as a priority, selecting others that have no code and respecting the wishes of the authors who use the NC code.

They will be random selections, and I will try to select new authors each time, until I feel I've covered them all.

Everyone will be judged against themselves, if they have prior works to read.

I think this a healthy approach to LitKicks: Honest, critical reviews, both good and bad. I know there are some who react very very poorly to any kind of negative criticism, but I will avoid NC codes, so use it, if you wish.

There will be a point when I have to review MYSELF, and course, I will be biased as possible and declare myself a genius and worthy of praise. Hah.

That's all. Look for the reviews in Stories.