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Robert Anton Wilson said:'History is the history of secret societies"

this is no witchy shit: this is what IT is; folks!

one only have to go back to; say the time of Rome
when 'Roman Catholic Church' was put into
its position of absolute power, by Emperor Constantine

one only has to become a muckraker scholar
to begin to see the lines between the lines
and yet everybody is still a part of the problem
as it were, in a sense, as long as we are part of
some ideology; some institution, some current
trend, that is attached to these higher agendas
that inform our lives; the scholar alas has to eat
and live in a certain ease, in order to be able to
even think about these trends and movements
in history; and also orginizations have their needs
and agendas; yet some people seem to be able
to stand on the book ends of history so to speak
long enought to come back with some pure information
that can, and may give knowledge, art and poetry have
been in the margins; so they have a fresh insight into
the realities of religion and politics; and i might as well
say religionpolitics, as the two are certainly tweedle de
and tweedle dum; attached at the hip like siamese twins, i speak from the experience of liberated subjectivity, for in the final analisis, this is the only
real liberating force, that can and will come to the for,

in these times this has become true more then ever
the trends of history have been going on for, as far
as known history:'so called' as has been observed
by lucid minds, history is written by the victors, and so
taking in to consideration that and the basic liner approach that most insitutionilized thinking still
is cranked out of the university think tanks; but getting
back to my random premis that we have seen certain
trends and movements become more prevailent and
prominent, therefore it is possible to trace certain events 'in history' and make certain predictions based
on certain data; but you see artifacts of history such as
the I-ching does just this, it makes predictions based
on certain patterns maped into time itself; this is no mere
fluke; people sat and figured this stuff out thousands
of years ago, just as the arabs came along at a certain
high point and figured out abstract numbers; and other
great men had visions; and saw inventions in their minds eye; Marx had his insight about capital, and Freud his insights about human sexual pathology
and came up with the pleasure/ pain principle,
and Einstien and Tesla, and so on, these things truly
mark history, as much if not more so then, the wars
religious advents; pillaging and plundering, pogroms
and revolutions; yet there are the strange malingering
human conditions that still are so predominant in these
times, and people will still try to make sense of tin
tyrants such as the current leader in the white house,
they will still act as if these people are perhaps sincere
and honorable; despite a tun of indications to the contrary; just as people did in nazi germany, and in
Nero's Rome; we are still crossing our figers and
and closing our eyes and uttering small superstitious
words under our breath as if to ward off the unthinkable,

the Philosopher Alfred North Whitehead said once: "we have too much history"....and i submit that is precisely
the case; and only those that can step outside of its
arbitrary confines, and see down the time lines, so to speak will ever have any authentic insight as to the
real forces behind history, this is not conspiracy theory
though it borders in its precints; this is the realm of the
wizards, the seers, the visionary poets, and the madmen....

if there WAS a jesus...he was one such! as was Buddha! and hermits in the mountains forests and are some poets that refuse to be mere

of the human the light is at the end of
the tunnel; but it most certainly will get darker before
the dawn!