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i actually found

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that i cant really pay attention to whats going on unless i am participating in the conversations. this is perhaps why i have been such a butter-inner lately. for a while i was lurking, but not really getting much out of it. i think what you could do is find a couple of people who you think you like and stalk them, or, you could (actually being serious here) try to limit yourself to, say, 2 or 3 boards and that might make it easier to find a place. because it seems like you're looking for a place. i'm just guessing. i would recommend hanging out in mindless (anything goes), utterances and stories. mostly because i just read your story and i would like you to tell me more about it. and then you can read other people's stories. like mine. heh heh. yeah.

but seriously folks: i would recommend finding a niche or something in a couple of boards and then going from there. that might make it easier.

altho i'm not saying that this method is going to contribute healthily at all to your desire to do other things that you should be doing. i'm not sure anyone who comes here can really help you with that. we're all obsessed, you see, and most of us i suspect are also a bit compulsive. but thats what makes us great artists. dammit.

excuse me. i have to go cut off my ear.