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childbirth. pain. please.

first of all, you guys have JOBS for that? what's next, helping women deal with the emotional and physical pain and suffering of, like, breaking a nail or something?

what i want to know is when is the civilized world going to get over all this femanist propaganda that childbirth hurts women any more than it hurts men. i mean, first of all, did you forget that we're standing right there?! yeah. that's right. now they make us stand right there, during the whole thing. and that's not fun. there's blood, and screaming, and fingertips in your wrist. it's a nightmare.

and you want to talk about trauma? i'm not even going to mention having to get up 8 times in the middle of the nite to roll her over cause she cant "move" or something, but listen to this: when that kid comes out, it's the MEN cutting that cord, not the WOMEN. no sir. yeah. it's a lot of fun to squeeze a bloody scissors into real human flesh. it's not like a hangnail or anything, either, it's this thick thing and it's HARD, and, afterwards, there's just more blood.

so before you girls start getting all freaky on everyone about pain and suffering, please just for a moment dont be so extremely feminist about it.

men hurt, too, you know.

yeah. ha.

hey, pic. all kidding aside. this is great! it IS hard to give notice at an enjoyable job. i did it at my last job and it was really horrible. i felt worse than they did i think. but i found that by focusing on what a great opportunity it is for you, it'll make it easier on them and on you, you know?

congratulations! i'm going to go check out that website. my pregnant wife might be in need of some emotional support. :)