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this is how strong...

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thank you, firsty..... you are a kind and gentle spirit
i appreciate you...

this is how strong my faith was...

i wrote these two poems


Do Not Wonder at the Ice -
The Certainty of Christmas

Do not wonder at the ice
clinging fast to leaves and grass -
since spring will come and ice will thaw
and all the things we see shall pass.
Encompassed by the winter bleak,
the coldness numbing hands and feet -
when then the sun, warm bright warm light
appears creating perfect heat.
The morning sun begins to melt
the crested snow upon the fence -
as we wait calmly for the spring
enraptured by the future tense.
In deepest chill, in darkest night,
and thinking there is no relief
when overcome by winter's plight -
when then the sun confirms belief.
We're certain that the sun will rise
and melt the snow and thaw the ice;
we're certain of the life of spring -
as certain as we are of Christ.


Perfect Timing

When the time was right,
the waters were created
and from those waters, life arose.
In darkness we were integrated
lost in waves that overflowed.
As waves of darkness overcame us,
overwhelmed by life's demand
just in time, He then became us -
resplendent, yet in form of man.
Through His eyes we now can focus -
like a bridge, He carries us o'er.
Since His coming, He awoke us.
Perfect timing, open door.
His arrival - sublime, untainted -
living waters close the plan.
A perfect painting has been painted -
supremely God, completely man.
but i also wrote this one

The Where or When or Why

Some people believe in a Saviour
whether he's arrived or not.
Some people believe they've lived before
and they've got another shot.
Some people believe they're part of the trees
and part of the breeze and the sky.
Some people don't even think about
the where or when or why.

Some people are very adamant
about where they think they'll go
when they've stopped the living in this life
(they really think they know).
Some people believe in meditating
to relax their consciousness
and reach a state of euphoria
and everlasting bliss.

There are some things we all believe,
no matter who we are.
The vastness of the universe.
The brightness of a star.
The majesty of mountains.
The beauty in a rose.
The forever of an ocean.
The way a baby grows.
The love between two people
when they've found each other's eyes.
The memories of those who've gone.
A thundercloud that cries.
The colors in a sunset.
The friendships that are still.
The feeling in our bellies
when we've had our fill.
As days will close and moons arise
once again and then again
the sameness and the differences
gently settle in.
The sun comes up and then goes down
with stars illuminating.
Life in motion. Not by chance.
Forever recreating.