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Brid (also Bridget, Brigit, Bride, and Brighid) Her name comes from the old Irish brigh, meaning 'power'. Her Gaulish name is Brigindo, and she is probably the source of the Anglo Goddess Brigantia and Brittania.

She was the great mother Goddess of Ireland. At one time in history most of Ireland was united in praise and worship of her. She was probably one and the same with Dana, the first great mother Goddess of the Irish.

Brid represents the supernal mother, fertility, and Muse of Artists. She has also been worshiped as a warrioress and protectress, a healer, guardian of children, a slayer of serpents, a soverign, and a Goddess of fire and sun. Still other sources say she was the Goddess of agriculture, animal husbandry, medicine, crafting, and music.

She was credited with inventing the Irish mourning wail call caoine (keening) when she mourned for her son Ruadan, her child by her husband Bres, who was killed in battle. Part of her essence is said to reside in the Beansidhe (banshee), the fairy spirit whose keening can be heard at night before death.

In the fifth century her shrine at Kildare was adopted as a holy site by Christian missionaries who turned her into their Saint Bridget. They latched onto her sky (Goddess aspect and nicknamed her the Queen of Heaven. They took her Sabbat, which is Imbolc (and my birthday, Feb. 2nd) and created their own feast days for her: Le Fheile Brid in Ireland, and Laa'l Breeshey in Man.