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terrorist rumor needs verification

Posted to Utterances

rumor has it that the Al Queda organization
has enlisted several other less structured
terrorist organizations to breed mosquitos
for a special West Nile Virus Mission.
communication between all parties involved
has been done exclusively on internet bulletin boards,
particularly poetry and literature boards by incognito
anonymous posters writing their plan for
underground Mosquito Farms in various countries
throughout the world, posted in the form of coded up
data as rhyme, free verse, and short stories.
when you see the crows fall out of trees,
brains swollen and landing writhing on the pavement
in your city or town, please be aware that
the cicadas are next
once you here them chirp, wear long sleeves
and douse yourself in OFF!
blame the terrorist poets.
this is no small matter.
any verification of these facts
would be greatly appreciated.

i'm itchin' to find out
the Truth.
these people are slick.