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shall i take off the kid gloves

Posted to Utterances

unleash chaos?

shall i invoke a vision of Pan
playing his flute in the woods?

shall i open a vault; and reveal
dark occult secrets in poetic code?

shall i call down the wind sun and moon
to aid me in my quest to provoke thought?

shall i call on unseen forces to awaken the sleeping
giant; of total amusement terrors sleeping in the
human psyche?

do we dare to wake up; and fly like Kitty Hawk
for the first time; and call on Horus the Hawk headed
god to speed up history as we don't know it

shall i call on the furies and the Oracle of Greece
to make predictions on our chances of surviving
the gang of two leged sharks and their souped up
war funny car

shall i make a Bardy Boast and scoff at the little men
that think their bombs and mindcontrol terrors will
win the day; against the jabbering jihad of whirling
fate; is it too turn back the kooky calender
on events that are already spin doctering out of
mankinds control?

would monty python come to the rescue if i asked?