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Mind Probe Utterance 1.0: Responding to Posts

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Hello everyone-

Lately, it seems there has been more discussion on the presence of an audience for feedback (and the lack thereof), such as here and here. I think about this a lot actually and I had a nice discussion with Jamelah late last night on the topic. Many folks who post to LitKicks are writers who post their original poems and stories to the boards. Some of them want feedback or assistance and some may not. Here are the questions I've been thinking about...

These questions mainly pertain to the Stories and Poetry boards, but can be applied to all boards as well, so I'd love to see as many people answer as possible... (pretty please!?)

1. Overall, why do you post your original writing to LitKicks? Do you do it just solely to get it out there? Just to share or see your words on the page? Or do you post your works for feedback and response? (I realize that this may vary with the type of post, so be as rambling as you want here.)

2. If you're posting for feedback, what type of feedback are you looking for? Praise (it's ok to say yes, we all like it!)? Constructive Criticism? Hard-hitting analysis? A call-and-answer type reply?

3. When you read posts at LitKicks, to what percentage of those (roughly) do you reply? What types of replies do you often find yourself making?

4. Do you find it's hard to know exactly how to reply to posts?

5. If you are looking for critique/reply to your poem or story, do you include (PC) in the title? Are you more likely to post it to the Poetry board, as its purpose is to provide more of a 'workshop' atmosphere? Or do you post it elsewhere because you feel the traffic is higher?

6. Why do you think most people reply/do not reply?

There are so many things posted to LitKicks each day, that it would be very difficult to read each and every one of them, let alone reply to everyone. I'm in no way suggesting we set some sort of requirement (no no no!), just something for everyone to keep in mind as they cruise around the boards and to maintain a balance between the give and take.

I look forward to your thoughts on this... Thanks in advance.