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Posted to Utterances

1. I post to LitKicks to share my stuff and to get some feedback.

2. The kind of feedback I want is discussion of my work. I like to talk to people about what it means and how it works and stuff, 'cause I'm not one of those "poets" who believes there is only one meaning to what they write.

3. I think I sometimes reply too much, particularly on Utterances. I wouldn't suprise me if I'm sometimes an annoyance. On the poetry board, I find myself not interested in a great majority of the poems there; they simply don't capture my interest. As for the stories, I hardly read them due to time constraints (like I said earlier, I'm part of the problem).

4. It depends.

5. If I want actual critique, I do put PC in the subject line, but I usually don't desire critique because I'm rough enough of a critic on myself. I just want to share and discuss my work. I post it to the Poetry board.

6. Sometimes they don't read the post; other times, they don't finish reading the post; sometimes they don't have time to reply; sometimes they don't have anything to say; sometimes they figure if they can't say anything nice they shouldn't say anything at all.