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why do I post my original writing to LitKicks?
-cause out of all the crowds i know, this place is right for the writing.

Do you do it just solely to get it out there?
-i do it cause i want to communicate.

2. If you're posting for feedback, what type of feedback are you looking for?
- i want honest, direct response whatever that might be...if it comes as a poem, i'm especially buzzed.
if it's a simple statement of reaction, that's very cool

i like getting reactions, whatever they are. It shows me that something that came out of me reached someone else.

3. When you read posts at LitKicks, to what percentage of those (roughly) do you reply?

very small percentage. time constraints lately make the percentage laughingly tiny. But i hope to be more time luxuriant soon.

What types of replies do you often find yourself making?
-what kinds of replies? -honest ones

4. Do you find it's hard to know exactly how to reply to posts? - no
if it's too hard, i don't do it.

5. If you are looking for critique/reply to your poem or story, do you include (PC) in the title?

for help or criticism, i would not go to poetry...that board is more for poems that i feel are polished and ready to be called poems.

6. Why do you think most people reply/do not reply?
-i think most people reply to give support, or cause they feel the impetus to write down their own poetic response.
- sometimes it's out of genuine affection for the poster and not cause of the piece itself. Doesn't matter. Response is a nourishing thing.

good questions, f.c.