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Probing an Empty Mind

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Hi darling...if you want feedback...I will regurgitate for you.

1. Why? Well, because I like to, thats why. Hah! Ahem, seriously (this may be hard for me to do) I post my writings on litkicks not specifically for feedback, altho this is nice and helps one to stretch, to grow in ones writings by getting anothers POV but mainly I do it because I must, I feel the need to express myself in this medium and it doesn't matter what anyone may feel or think about what I write...write I must. Litkicks has been like a university for me...I learn from other writers, teach a few tricks, and the grading system is instantaneous and the only way to flunk out is to be really, really rude or nasty. I like that kind of school! Besides, I have made some wonderful, delightful, creative friends here...people I feel really close to, love and respect, as if I have known them all my life (present company included!) It is great to just chat or discuss things with this community of folks who have the same love of literature and writing that I do. Man, it is GREAT!

2. Feedback is not terribly important to everyone else here, I read much more than I can reply to and I realize that this is the case with most. I also realize that many NEED feedback because they are insecure and/or questioning of their validity and viability and any flower will wilt if it doesn't get I try and water the garden but around here (the desert) the rain is scarce. Hah! I really like Action Poetry because of the spontaneity, creativity and playfulness involved in the repartee. If I want feedback or I 'work' on a piece, I post it on Poetry...or sometimes I just like to spread myself around. Hah!

3. When I have time, I try and read as much as I can, especially things by my 'favorite' writers here. This, of course, is subjective but I have very good taste. Hah! There are some amazing writers on this site, truly and you just can't reply to them all. Sometimes I read something that blows my little mind and leaves me with nothing to say...because there is nothing to say and other times I feel the need to encourage a writer, especially the young folks that thrive on feedback and are unsure of the value of what they are doing...watering those flowers again!

4. Nah! Hah!

5. Nope...I have never been PC.

6. Mood.

Good questions fc...thanks for asking.