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letting it all hang out

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here are my answers:

1. i post my original writing to litkicks for feedback and response (specifically stories). i dont have really any poems to post to poetry (altho i'm working on one). i post relatively often on action poetry, and here, i'm looking to express myself and commit myself to that expression. i could just write verse in my notebook that may or may not make sense (which is what i've been doing for years), but, in action poetry, i feel like posting it is committing to the words, to the emotion, to the immediacy of it.

2. in action poetry, i hope that others respond to it with more poetry, or with comments ... either way ... but this falls more into the category of my disturbingly powerful and pitiful need to have my work validated. i try to respond in action poetry when i find something that inspires me and when i feel like my response is at least somewhat justified in terms of the quality and content of the original post. in stories, there is still that same sorry need, but i am really looking for constructive criticism. my primary work when it comes to writing is prose, and i see this forum as the most knowledgeable and well-read of my audiences. i'm looking for brutal honesty and constructive criticism, if it's possible. a lot of times i feel like i need to be slapped into reality and be told to stop, just please stop. that's one the underlying psychological reasons probably that i post, too. the only thing that i feel is missing from Stories (and perhaps poetry, but i dont hang there as much) is comments about the meaning of the stories, or discussions on method, symbolism, theme, character, etc. but i expect that this is because so many people are looking for constructive criticism, and also because of the time required to reallyl get into deep discussions.

3. when i'm here during the day, at work, i read a lot of the posts and find myself replying to most of them. sometimes, if a post is really just out of the blue and i dont know what the hell the person is talking about, and i dont know the person (i only know ... like 8 or 9 people here), then i probably wont respond. mostly, i respond to two kinds of posts: those that inspire me to say something (and i'm pretty loose with what is required to inspire me) either intelligent or sarcastic (that's pretty much all i've got), or those that are more conversational, like the ones on mindless. sometimes there are types of threads that i dont get involved in because they're not my thing, for whatever reason.

4. the more i hang out here, the better i am at finding ways to respond. i think this depends on the person who i'm responding to. sometimes i get frustrated because of the whole mental disconnect that happens over the internet as opposed to the mental connection that occurs face-to-face, but this is to be expected.

5. again, my poetry all ends up in action because it's not really composed. my stories i try to remember to put (pc) there, but sometimes i forget, and i'm just as likely to respond to a story that doesnt have (pc) attached as i am to one that does.

6. i am officially out of the business of psychoanalyzing other people. however, i would guess that other people do or do not reply to posts for exactly the same reasons that i do or dont. this is because i am the perfect human and can be used as a model for everyone else.

(see what i'm talking about: it's either intelligent or sarcastic. my apologies.)

i just want to sum up: i post here because i want other writers to read my stuff and tell me what they really think about it. i hang out here because it's fun to meet other writers and because a lot of you provide me with the intelligent, creative conversation that i just cant get hanging out with my idiot but lovable friends in bars and at the poker table. and i hang out here in the hopes of establishing for myself some 3d friendships with writers who happen to be really cool and with whom we can continue to share each other's work, workshop eventually (hopefully), and with the expressed dreamy desire to start a movement of some sort, some published work of commonality that has come from our conversations and feedback. and also: for internal validation and just to be around people who believe that art, and specifically writing, is greatly important to our lives.