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<1. Overall, why do you post your original writing to LitKicks? Do you do it just solely to get it out there? Just to share or see your words on the page? Or do you post your works for feedback and response? (I realize that this may vary with the type of post, so be as rambling as you want here.)>

when i first came to litkicks a year and a half ago (has it been that long or longer?) i wanted to just get my words out there and recognized. now i feel more like i'm growing, that i've learned, that i'm making different statements in my poetry...and therefore i'm seeking more feedback and response. sometimes we when do m.a.s. nights or whatever...on action it's just that...action and i don't look for any more response than an ongoing exchange. you know?

<2. If you're posting for feedback, what type of feedback are you looking for? Praise (it's ok to say yes, we all like it!)? Constructive Criticism? Hard-hitting analysis? A call-and-answer type reply?>

i've been looking more for just feedback in general...good, bad, otherwise? i've been told that i was self-centered, a sniveling snob, a brat, so on and so forth on these boards. some of the criticism of that caliber was harmful and unwanted but it always kept my fingers from typing something that i thought was totally ludicrous and stupid.

i do like praise...i love when people spin off of a poem i write...i like it when someone gives me a suggestion. it's more what i'm looking for now than i was a year ago. i just get confused when i post poem after poem and they sit there with zero replies. the silence, to me, translates to mediocrity or disdain. so i get frustrated.

<3. When you read posts at LitKicks, to what percentage of those (roughly) do you reply?

i need to reply way way way more often. i tend to read and think...then i don't get back to the post. it's a bad habit of mine that i'm going to try to break. i also have my favorites and sometimes just tell those few that i loved their recent works on aim or msn and don't put it on the boards. i'm going to try to be better about can i expect feedback and replies when i don't offer them as well?

<4. Do you find it's hard to know exactly how to reply to posts?>

sometimes...there are a few poets here that i get flabbergasted by and just sit there dumb. so yes, sometimes i find it very difficult. other times i run short on time and don't get the reply out when it's fresh.

<5. If you are looking for critique/reply to your poem or story, do you include (PC) in the title? Are you more likely to post it to the Poetry board, as its purpose is to provide more of a 'workshop' atmosphere? Or do you post it elsewhere because you feel the traffic is higher?>

i just did that ol' (pc) thing on the poetry board the other night. felt very awkward breaking in on that didn't go well for me...big surprise. i like to stay on the action board because i feel the better poems are posted there and it moves a bit faster...more posters. on poetry there is a handful of regulars who don't post anywhere else so i'm not sure how to take them. shrug.

<6. Why do you think most people reply/do not reply?>

lack of time...lack of courage to say something bad...a certain poet has left a bad taste in their mouth so they ignore their work...they have no interest in the subject matter of the work...they don't want to be overly sweet or sacchrine...tons of reasons.