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Hello Winky (PC)

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(1) I post on Litkicks to see my thoughts traverse the boundlessness of cyberspace. If ever I get a reply I smile that I triggered a response, and conversely, if I get no replies I continue to smile knowing that someone out there clicked on my post (the odds of it all, ya know?).

(2) I don't post just for feedback, but of course enjoy any type of feedback, just as if I were talking to one or many face to face, comments are gateways to conversations.

(3) Replies are relatively rare for me considering the amount of reads I do. Why? Agreeable replies can be as simple as a nod of the head, so how does one nod their head in agreement thru this medium... "Nice piece!"?? "Good one!"?? They do not translate as well as a nod, so I usually leave it as it leaves me - smiling.

(4) See (3)

(5) I'm more of a gambler with my posts, i.e., I post then see if there are any replies/comments. I've noticed over time that the ones that place 'PC' on their titles really don't need a critique so much as they would just enjoy a comment on their post.

(6) Two questions: for not replying: time constraints, mood, regaining breath... for replying: regained breath, counter-reaction, simply to dis/agree, thanks, kudos.