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>1. Overall, why do you post your original writing to LitKicks?

i post to connect... to communicate; i love the interplay of words, ideas, rhythms, i love to be inspired and touched, and i like the adventure of discovering new and unknown thoughts and tunes.... and litkicks is the place for that.

i also post because i have made friends here.

>2. If you're posting for feedback, what type of feedback are you looking for?

feedback of any kind is good
it shows me my words have touched something... someone -
it shows they are breathing... they have inspired... they have moved something, created a motion, an e-motion, a thought...

>3. When you read posts at LitKicks, to what percentage of those (roughly) do you reply? What types of replies do you often find yourself making?

i reply to a very small percentage these days - it's a factor of time, mostly.
nevertheeless, i read.... and reply when a reply bursts out.

what types of replies do i make? some are spoantaneous. some are thought thru a bit. some are poetic, some are not. there are questions, answers, statements, stories, rants, poems... what type of reply? they just come into being.

>4. Do you find it's hard to know exactly how to reply to posts?

sometimes. if it's too hard, i don't.

>5. If you are looking for critique/reply to your poem or story, do you include (PC) in the title?

i've never done it so far.

>6. Why do you think most people reply/do not reply?

they reply because
- they are inspired
- they have to say something
- they need to feel they exist
- they feel like communicating
- they like / are fascinated by the poster

they don't reply because
- the post is of no interest to them
- there is nothing to say
- there is no time to reply or a reply is too difficult to make
- there is nothing left to say.