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well now

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here's an interesting reply phenomenon... i saw you and had to jump down and say hi. hi cec... thinking of you a lot. nice to see you...


i'm glad you replied. you're kind of one of the vets around here. so you provide an interesting perspective for me. i appreciate your honesty when you say you don't post for feedback. i think we all like when anyone replies.

great point about a nod. sometimes after a while i think people feel 'great post' or whatever seems trite or insincere. but i wouldn't mind seeing more nods in a noticable form. (which is why i loved the sparkle on the monkey train phenomenon!) i may have to figure out how that can best be conveyed. perhaps i'll talk to levi about the possibility of "this post has been read x times" or a feedback/rating system. (he's going to kill me, i know it. hah.)

thank you, mr. lee. let me know if there's anything i can do for you and yours.