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oh yeaaaahh

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hey firsty-

thanks for your thoughtful reply. i hope to see more of your poems/stories soon. i'm in the process of reading your latest story on stories.

regarding point #2 you say: "the only thing that i feel is missing from Stories (and perhaps poetry, but i dont hang there as much) is comments about the meaning of the stories, or discussions on method, symbolism, theme, character, etc. but i expect that this is because so many people are looking for constructive criticism, and also because of the time required to really get into deep discussions." -- i do think it's also part of the poster's responsibility to be clear on what kind of feedback they are looking for if they want specific comments. i think people would be more open to replying in that fashion, but as it stands, i think we're unclear on what roles we're wanted to play. good good point, firsty.

you've become a really integral member of the community here and i hope you continue to post and reply...