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ahhh... i think that is very telling

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(now are you nervous? ;))

i think that's really interesting what you said : "when i first came to litkicks a year and a half ago (has it been that long or longer?) i wanted to just get my words out there and recognized. now i feel more like i'm growing, that i've learned, that i'm making different statements in my poetry...and therefore i'm seeking more feedback and response." -- very interesting. i think that is true for a lot of people. i may feel the same way. i do think that needs change, and perhaps our posting styles/expectations change or need to change with them. hmmm... now i'm thinking again. dammit.

i do agree that replies beget replies. (yeah, i've been wanting to use the word beget for a while now.)

i know you kate, you're no snob or brat. you're human. just like the rest of us (well except me, of course, because i'm more like a pringles can with lungs). i think it's important for people to keep that in mind.

thanks for replying kate... i really do appreciate it.